Zelda – born with passion! Seasoned traveler, food and wine lover and more…

vital stats

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, married in Melbourne Australia, currently resides in Sydney and travels internationally every three months– certified true Jet setter.


Passions include family, fresh food, shopping and traveling with a fantastically feel-good healthy focus. Experiencing people and their cultures around the world have been a part of my life since my early childhood. After growing up suppressed in apartheid South Africa I was determined to set myself free and explore the world. I was determined to experience the lives and cultures of people who lived in cities, villages and country towns of this planet. From dining in restaurants or a cup of coffee in a cafe to shopping and sipping wine at a winery is another passion of mine. I love the culinary flavors and fusion of different ingredients. I enjoy the cobblestone side walks of Europe, the frantic freeways of America and the craziness of Asia.

current adventures and new ventures

As a blogger with extensive international experience I am in the perfect position to write about the places I’ve seen, the locals I’ve met and the diverse culinary sensations prepared by chefs or a hamburger found at a local farmers market. With my passport valid, Internet and my local Flight Centre , there’s no stopping me on my mission to see and explore this world we’re living in.

To keep up to date with my adventures, travels, style and information, follow me via my Facebook page or Instagram at the links provided on this site.

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