A bag of goodies to help my BFF to catch some zzz’s


Reading my Facebook news feed yesterday, I saw one of my Bff’s posted that she was in desperate need of sleep. I immediately went into action and decided to rescue her of her sleep deprived body!

Heading out to the shops I gathered a bag of goodies:

  1. Country Home Ideas Magazine – She usually reads her iPad in bed and we all know that iPads and phones should be left outside the bedroom.  I thought the magazine was appropriate seeing that she will be home renovating soon.
  2. Sugarless Milk Chocolate and Wild Hazelnut – Goes well with reading without the sugar spike.
  3. A bag of sweet dreams tea to have just before bed
  4. Lavender Body Lotion to massage into her skin to help relax her body.
  5. In Essence Relaxation Aromatherapy Oil to use with her oil burner.  The aroma should help with the relaxation process.

I checked in on her this morning and I was pleased when she reported back that she had 6 hours of sleep.


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