It’s black it’s white … It’s simple it’s chic



The most simple combination, has the most dramatic, elegant, pure effect.




Everything that comes to life in colour, will start in black and white. A picture… A white canvas or paper and usually a black pencil. The delicate lines of black and white. The foundation of creating the separate spaces to them fill in colour. It’s the same with fashion. Wearing a simple black and white outfit with a pop of colour in your hand bag, jewellery, shoes or lipstick. Something so simple and easy will be sure to make a statement.



The television… Started out in black and white. The essence of everything we use today with modern technology all used the simplicity of black and white. Watching the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in her black and white high waisted skirt running around Rome with Gregory Peck in the 1953 romance “Roman Holiday” and then a year later watching miss Audrey grace the black and white screen in her custom made Givenchy gown in the 1954 love triangle “Sabrina”. These black and white movies were her foundation in film. Leading the colour smash hit in 1961… “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. And even though the film is in colour has anyone noticed her signature outfit is a black dress with white pearls? Black and white is the fashion combination that will never go out of style!


When it comes to the home, black and white is the most clean looking interior. There’s nothing like seeing beautiful black and white bench tops with a white country style sink and throwing in a pop of golds, silvers, and light Browns. Or a black leather couch with fluffy white pillows snuggled up next to the fire place over winter.




Black and white creates simple harmony. It’s the essence of timeless, simple classic chic

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