Seductively green

In 2013 Pantone announced the colour green as the colour of year and when you look at the colour palette of 2016, green still sits there very comfortably. It dominated the red carpet of the oscars and it can be seen in frocks, handbags, boots and accessories. 

Green represents new growth from the first green leaf that can be seen from the naked trees of winter. It invigorates, restores and renews our energy ready to welcome the warmth of Spring.

It’s colour that brings forth balance and harmony within nature. The green grass sits in harmony with the brown soil of the earth. The green leaves on trees sits in harmony with the blues skies of summer, the white cotton cloudy skies and even the grey skies of winter. 

Green creates a sanctuary for relaxation and offers peace and tranquility. 


  It is the colour of prosperity, abundance and Wall Street. 

Yes it’s also the colour of envy and greed however it’s filled with positive energy such as harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, seduction and environment. 


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